Travel Requirements to Cuba, Health and Safety

Travel Insurance for Cuba & Tourist Visa Card

Cuba Travel RestrictionsDocuments Required for all travelers visiting Cuba: 1) Passport valid for six months after the date of your arrival in Cuba 2) Cuba tourist visa issued by the Cuban consulate in accordance with planned activities and the length of your stay on the island 3) Proof of travel medical insurance (valid insurance policy covering your medical expenses during the time of your stay in Cuba) 4) Return ticket from Cuba

Cuba Visa Requirements

Cuba visaYou need to get a tourist visa before travelling to Cuba, generally available from your airline, travel agents or direct from Cuban consulates located in many countries. A Tourist Visa for Cuba can also be issued on the spot once you've cleared customs. Do not lose this document, you’ll need it for departure. The tourist visa is valid for a single entry and allows tourists to stay in Cuba for 30 days or 90 days for Canadian citizens. For travelers, obtaining a visa extension once in Cuba is easy through your hotel reception or at the immigration office in most Cuban towns by presenting your documents + CUC$25 in stamps sold in various Cuban banks. 

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Things to do in Varadero - Cuba

varadero beach cubaVaradero is considered one of the world’s best beaches, Cuba's most popular tourist destination and largest resorts in the Caribbean. Immensely beautiful with perfect temperatures, miles of white sandy beaches and calm tourqouise waters, it makes an ideal spot for lovers of water sports, such as suba diving, snorkelling, sailing, kayaking and swimming. If you are planning a trip to this Cuban destination there's a great choice of hotel and private accommadation on offer. Here's a list of the best things to see and do, in and around Varadero.

Varadero is much more than just Sun and Beach

Varadero travel skydiveAround Varadero beach, there are plenty of attractions and activities to keep you busy and get you away from the hotel. This Cuban town is quite different from the rest of the island and an excellent family destination with impressive tropical beaches, so you'll find no shortage of things to do in Varadero beyond sipping on a Cuba Libre by the pool. Varadero is popular with tourists who prefer to stay at all inclusive resorts, but boutique homestays continue to attract a growing number of independent travelers and those seeking a more authentic, colonial style of Cuban comfort.  

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Tourist Activities and Outdoor Sports - A Sightseeing Tour around the Viñales Valley

Wall Mural in Vinales CubaViñales Valley is located in the Organs Mountain Range and covers 11,000 hectares of land, featuring many of Cuba's most popular tourist attractions. Visitors come to the valley looking for unspoilt terrain, it's very popular with nature lovers and bird watchers, while hiking, ecotourism, horseback riding tours, active travel, caving, wildlife observation, rock climbing, bike tours and other outdoor sports are also well catered for.

Swimming in Cuban beaches - Trip to the Cays from Viñales

Visitors to Viñales sometimes ignore the beaches but for lovers of the sun and sea lovers, the natural beauty of the Cuban Cayos should not be missed. White sandy beaches, tiny islands and warm waters make the coast perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

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What is the best time to visit Cuba on holidays?

Cuba Caribbean MapAny time of year can be a good time to travel to Cuba, which is fast becoming the must visit island in the Caribbean. Cuba's nature, colonial architecture, history, culture and pristine beaches set in a tropical climate make it possible to visit the island in any season and enjoy the warm waters with year-round temperatures between 24 and 29 degrees.

Preparing for your journey to the Caribbean not only includes planning where to go, how to travel and where to stay, but also what the weather in Cuba will be like during your vacation. As with any tropical destination, some months are more suited for fun, beach or leisure tourism, while others are better for exploring cities or enjoying eco-touristic activities. So it's relatively significant to decide which is the best time to travel to Cuba to fully enjoy your holiday.

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Visiting Soroa - Cubaꞌs Rainbow

Soroa Waterfall, CubaContinuing the journey from Las Terrazas Resort to the rural countryside of Soroa is very simple and you have two options for extending your journey. You can do this either by leaving the San Juan river valley to take the mountain routes which are not in good condition and can be easy to get lost but are by far the quickest route; or by leaving the eco tourist resort and heading back towards the Pinar del Río motorway. Just 8 km down, you will find a gas station and small market with a road leading directly to the Soroa paradise eco resort.

This road will lead travellers through stunning Cuban nature environment, then back into the Biosphere Reserve Rosario Mountain Range and through Soroa village to finally arrive at the eco Cuban tourist attraction. Right at the entrance leading to Soroa waterfall, you will see El Salto restaurant and a parking area. From here onwards you will have to move forward on a walking tour along hiking trails with a varied natural environment to enjoy. The outdoor excursions and trekking options available around this Cuban landscape green scenery include:

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