Holidays in Cayo Largo: Accommodation, Beaches and Tours

cayo largo cubaMy frequent trips to Cayo Largo have given me a real insight into this paradise destination in Cuba and for those tourists interested in seeing it for themselves, I'd like to share all I know about this Caribbean island.

For travelers in search of a great place to relax, surrounded by outstanding natural attractions, there is no better destination in all of Cuba. In this post I'll attempt to highlight the best ways to reach Cayo Largo, where to stay on the island, where to visit, explore the best beaches and excursions to enjoy during your stay at this most quiet and secluded Cuban destination, which has been truly blessed by nature.

Cayo Largo del Sur - Your Caribbean Paradise

cayo largoCayo Largo del Sur may be one of the most visited tourist spots in Cuba but it's also one of the best preserved tropical paradises in the world with 27km of pristine beaches, featuring white sand, clear waters and beautiful shallow coral reefs, starfish and seashells, ideal for snorkelling, diving and water sports.

Cayo Largo is located in the south of Cuba on the Juventud Island in the Caribbean Sea, 177 km from Varadero and Havana at just 117 km. It is a small island with a coastline almost entirely edged by accessible beaches, resembling like pools. Besides, this tropical cay is also well-known worldwide for naturist fans as some of its beaches permit naturism.

cayo largo marine lifeTo access this lost paradise of the Caribbean Sea you will have to make use of internal flights from Havana, Varadero and Trinidad by the airlines Cubana de Aviación and Aerogaviota. International flights to Cayo Largo del Sur are also possible from overseas destinations including Toronto, Montreal, Frankfurt and Milan.

You can also get to the key by boat from the mainland and there is a popular marine which is home to a famous international diving and scuba center, where private and tourist boats depart for tours and excursions showing an abundance of wildlife including turtles, flamingos, pelicans, iguanas and an amazing coral reef. Day trips from Havana and Varadero to Cayo Largo are available from several tourist agencies.

cayo largo - nueva geronaAs in the rest of the Cuban Cayos, the only available accommodation is found in all inclusive hotels with no option of lodging in private family homes, except for Nueva Gerona, the capital and the only small town of the island. At weekends the colorful streets of Nueva Gerona are home to some fabulous salsa, cafés and restaurants with a distinctly cosmopolitan atmosphere. The town also features a local tourist information office, central park, museum and attractive caves, great for sightseeing.

The island boasts an excellent hotel infrastructure with plenty of options available. The main resorts in Cayo Largo are:

Playa Paraiso beach Sirena Cayo Largo CubaThe most popular beaches in Cayo Largo are Playa Paraiso and Playa Sirena, the latter is considered one of the best beaches in Cuba and is famed for its cooling sea, (along with Playa Pilar in Cayo Guillermo). However, they are not the only ones. Other great beaches include Playa Blanca, Playa los Cocos and Playa Tortuga, (only accessible by foot), offer stunning combinations of spectacular marine landscapes and lush vegetation. These are superb Caribbean beaches which remain largely untouched by the human race. Of course Cayo Largo is the most famous and most popular beach with international visitors but well worth noting are the crystal clear turquoise Playas Paraíso and Sirena beaches, which are the choice of naturists and where it's possible to enjoy near complete privacy.

For holidaymakers visiting Cayo Largo del Sur there are several Tours and Excursions worth mentioning:

  •  Treasure Island - Flight to the Juventud Island
  •  The Ultimate
  •  Blue and Ciprey Catamaran
  •  Discovery Jeep

cayo largo del sur - las iguanas islandMore information and booking details of all these tours are available online at Cayolargodelsur/tours

Being such a small island, Cayo Largo del Sur lacks any developed domestic transport infrastructure, however there are fixed price taxis available between all major destinations. Car and jeep rental is popular and it's also possible to hire motorcycles or scooters. The bus known as "trenecito (little train)" passes most of the major resorts 3 times a day transporting guests free to the most popular and best beaches on Cayo Largo. The journey is incredibly scenic passing through the tropical heart of the Caribbean island.

In the evening along with the in-hotel entertainment shows, Cayo Largo del Sur boasts 3 discos: Taberna El Pirata, La Movida and Iguana Recreation Center.

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