5 Reasons why you should travel to Cuba!

Cuba Blog CubasolidaysMany people ask me the reasons for my trips to Cuba and why I choose this Caribbean island to go on holiday.

The truth is that I've never found such a unique and friendly place as Cuba with such a rich natural, historical and cultural heritage anywhere in the Caribbean. Travelling to Cuba is an unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with its people, culture, music and of course fabulous tropical beaches at any time of the year. If you still need to be convinced to travel to this stunning tropical island, let me give you a few more good reasons for choosing Cuba as a holiday destination.

The History and Architecture

No doubt its history is one of the Caribbean Island's main attractions. Cuba is steeped in history dating back over 500 years to the Spaniards arrival, an influence which still thrives today in many Cuban cities. Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Baracoa, Santiago and Havana with its historical center (Old Havana) are living proof of this.
You can sense this glorious past simply by walking through its streets, where time seems to have stood still finding a one of a kind street art through the stunning architecture – packed full of colonial buildings.

The Beaches and Cays

cayo largo del sur beach in CubaCuba has the kind of picture postcard beaches most of us dream about, white sand, turquoise clear waters, untouched nature and the look of a place untouched by human beings. Undoubtedly these Caribbean beaches are some of the best in the world.

It is true these beaches are real - as I discovered on my first visit to Playa Sirena in Cayo Largo, Cuba. White sands that are as fine as talcum powder and crystal clear waters. Snorkeling or diving you'll discover fantastic colours and unparalleled marine life. Out of the water the wildlife is equally exotic, wild and beautiful.

The beaches of Cuba extend over hundreds of kilometers. Some like Varadero are popular tourist resorts with dozens of all-inclusive hotels and some magnificent tropical beaches.

Cays such as Guillermo, Coco, Santa Maria and Cayo Largo del Sur are less crowded with beaches full of beauty and stunning natural landscapes.
But there are other quieter pristine spots like Cayo Levisa, reachable only by boat and with no more than 30 hotel rooms available for visitors at any time. Or Cayo Jutias, accessible by road, where there is no hotel accommodation or campsites, just a fabulous grill restaurant for a meal and a drink. 

The weather

Cuba has a superb climate enjoying high temperatures all year round. I have traveled to Cuba during the four seasons and have been able to swim on Cuban beaches every visit, it's almost always perfect for a trip to the beach. In my opinion, the best time for visiting Cuba is from December to April or May.
From July to September, the heat and humidity are more noticeable and tropical rains may appear in the afternoon but just for a few minutes. The hurricane season lasts until the end of November, although they are very rare in this part of the Caribbean. No matter the season any time of year is good for visiting Cuba. 

Its people

Cuban drinks and habanos cigarsOne of my real passions is talking to people and Cubans are a warm, friendly people who are always happy to make new friends and they are also very helpful people. They live life to the full and on the whole are satisfied with very little. What Cubans have they are invariably happy to share.

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Cubans are educated, polite and great for fun. They like having fun and have a fantastic sense of humour, but above all Cubans love dancing and music. Any place is good for a party while dancing and singing is a hugely popular pastime.

Cuban Drinks and Cigars

Undoubtedly the best Cuban cigars (Habanos) are made by hand and no trip is complete without a visit to the spectacular tobacco plantations of Pinar del Río. Cuban coffee is known worldwide for its distinctive flavor and again no visitor should miss out on sampling at least a few cups.

Needless to say the exquisite Cuban Rum should also be sampled, either straight up or in one of the Caribbean island's famous cocktails, such as a Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri or Canchánchara, an absolute delight that you cannot miss.

To finish I must say that Cuba still has so much to offer. It is a tropical Island yet to be discovered. It has lots of natural parks like the Viñales Valley, Guanahacabibes, San Felipe Keys, Zapata Wetlands, Gardens of the Queen (Jardines de la Reina), Turquino, Bayamesa Peak or Cristal Peak, to name some.

Nature lovers have one more reason to visit this gorgeous and lovely Island.

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