Visiting Las Terrazas Resort in Cuba: Journey to a nature green paradise

Las Terrazas Resort in CubaIf you're heading to Viñales, a sightseeing tour worth visiting in Cuba is the eco Las Terrazas Resort. There is the possibility to go on organised trips from Havana but if you prefer traveling in Cuba at your own pace, use this handy guide for visiting Las Terrazas Resort and Soroa on your own terms.

Briefly we aim to give you an easy guide on how to get the best out of Las Terrazas Resort and Soroa on a nature day trip to a tropical region with incredibly diverse nature, providing hiking and ecotourism lovers with some of the best Cuban countryside, beautiful sites and scenery of immense beauty, with wonderful views overthe nearby mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, rainforests, waterfalls and even a glimse of the Caribbean Sea on both sides of the island.

The vegetation here is lush and incredibly green while the waters are crystal clear and refreshing. Personally, I love to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of this unspoilt natural environment, with its unique and relaxing silence that literally forces visitors to this eco-tourist Cuban resorts to slow down and relax.

My recommendation is to visit both eco sites in a single day trip and this is not by chance, it's because these two distinctly individual natural environments complement each other and provide two uniquely memorable experiences in the same eco trip.

Soroa in CubaIn Las Terrazas we find abundant clear waters for bathing in the rivers of San Juan and Bayate. Although Soroa also features El Salto de Soroa, I must admit that swimming conditions are not as good, so take the opportunity while you have it.

When visiting Soroa, I can thoroughly recommend taking a horseback riding excursion over the mountains and trails, while in Las Terrazas activities are based around walking and hiking. The two eco sites work perfectly together within the same nature trip.

For those arriving by rental car, take the highway toward Pinar del Río at the west end of the island until km 52.5 where you should turn right at the large sign LAS TERRAZAS RESORT.

From here continue around 8 km into the Guaniguanico Mountain Range, at the end of the road to the left youꞌll find the main entrance to find some incredible natural scenery of beauty. The price to enter this Cuban eco tourist attraction depends on the season and ranges between 3 and 10 CUC per person. This fee grants admission to all the park's facilities including the San Juan River.

One suggestion I would make is to keep your ticket to hand, as you may be asked for it during your visit. It’s also worth remembering that a drink is included in the price and should be requested before entering the park.

Another recommendation is to look at the entrance of the hiking eco trip, where there is a map describing the various walks as well as pictures and features of the rural area to better position yourself.

casa senorialOnly 5 meters from the entrance you will see a road leading off to the right and an attendant with an intercom. Take this road and wait for the officialꞌs authorization to continue, as the path can only be used in one direction at a time.

Heading uphill to Sierra del Rosario, declared a Biosphere Reserve, you will reach a point where the road widens with a small parking area. From here continue the walking tour and youꞌll arrive at the remains of the Buenavista plantation.

The best viewpoint is by the car park, where a cobblestone street leads away uphill. Remember this is exactly the narrowest part of the Cuban island and the distance from coast to coast is only about 33 Km; you can almost see the Caribbean Sea on both sides. The setting is immensely attractive and offers great views of the manor house, the coffee dryers, the threshing area and charcoal production.

You can return along the same path with the officerꞌs authorization so as to avoid any cars coming the other way and take the main park road heading towards Curujey Ranch Lake. This is glorious ecological Cuban resort for hiking and walking tours, worth taking a break to relax on the grass by the lake or jump on one of the recreational boats, kayaks or paddle boats available to hire. Alternatively, simply sit back and enjoy a delicious Cuban cocktail.

From the lake head to the center of Las Terrazas resort, an environmental project for rural tourism in a natural setting and scenery of beauty in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve, where man and nature blend harmoniously and which is home to over 115 different species of bird in 5,000 hectares of forest from where you can see the French coffee plantation's ruins.

The place is gorgeous and you can choose a couple of day trips nearby the rural area to enjoy the following activities in Cuba:

  • Visit the Cuban Artists House of painting and plastic art
  • Visit the home and museum of acclaimed Cuban musician Polo Montañés
  • Visit the boathouse on the lake (Curujey Ranch)
  • Eco Hotel La Moka under royal palm trees, natural spring baths, viewpoints and bird watching
  • Vegetarian and Creole cuisine Restaurant
  • Eco tours at the Hotel La Moka
  • Outdoor Canopy – adventure outdoor sports

rio san juanThe highlight of the eco trip is to drive to San Juan River, a distance of around 3 km. It's the perfect spot to cool off and have fun with a picnic. There is an ecogreen lodging with log cabins by the riverside for those who prefer to stay and enjoy the stunning waterfalls and natural pools over a day or two. Las Terrazas is a green paradise for nature lovers and my favorite rural getaway in Cuba, which I now invite you to make it one of yours.

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