Accommodation in Havana Vedado or Havana Miramar

Vedado and Miramar are the most exclusive districts in Havana, where you can find attractive colonial buildings and probably the most relaxed environment in the the city.


Vedado habanaVedado is an elegant neighborhood with wide avenues representing the modern centre of the Cuban capital. At the same time it is a residential area full of attractive villas with well presented gardens and some of the houses are real palaces.

El Vedado reached its peak in the 1940s and 50s offering abundant green areas. Apart from appreciating its beauty, there are guided tours through underground tunnels with the purpose to learning about the untold history of this Caribbean island.

The whole La Rampa area and its surroundings are full of life and attractions making for a pleasant walk beginning at its famous promenade, the Malecon. In particular 23rd Street is very lively, both day and night and many visitors agree it's the best spot in Cuba.

The price of private rental accommodation in Vedado is often higher than other areas of the city, but they generally offer better quality. In fact, houses in Vedado have always been in higher demand than those in Old or Central Havana districts and in former times this was the place preferred by Cuba's wealthiest citizens.

A must visit in the area is the Coppelia ice cream parlour and the nightclub La Zorra y el Cuervo. Here you'll find the city's grandest buildings and the best of its nightlife with countless bars, clubs, restaurants, paladars, high end stores, cinemas, theaters, cafés and several hotels.

We recommend a walk around the Colon Cemetery home to some of the best and most striking tomb sculptures of Latin America including the firefighters' pantheon to those killed in the city.

Another recommended visit is the Nacional Hotel, which enjoys a great spot close to the Malecon and considered among the finest in the world. Other important sites include the Habana Libre Hotel and Havana University.

Nuevo Vedado neighbourhood forms a natural extension to the area, though it has nothing to do with Vedado. Here is located the Viazul station, where you can get tourist buses to all major destinations in Cuba at very affordable prices.

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miramar la habanaClose to Vedado is the exclusive Miramar neighbourhood, full of beautiful homes and great mansions dating back to the 1930s, 40s and 50s. No other area of the city displays the former prosperity that Cuba experienced like this and it's home to some of the higher priced hotels as well as most foreign embassies and offshore companies. Expect tree-lined avenues and manors with ornate parks and gardens, similar to Vedado.

Despite its beauty, Miramar has no Malecon. Its beaches are rocky and the coastline has no promenade, despite having some of the most beautiful and expensive properties in all Cuba. Some of the grand properties have become "living" museums. There are numerous hotels in the area, many with stunning ocean views, such as Melia, Occidental and Commodore.

Visitors can stroll and enjoy the great outdoors and experience what seems to be the main meeting point for Havianans, as well as the popular Marina Hemingway located 23 km from the city centre. It is the largest marina in Cuba, and it's possible to rent yachts, navigate on the sea or enjoy to great fishing. Animal lovers should head for the spectacular National Aquarium, near the Copacabana Hotel.

This is an exciting part of the city with a growing number of bars, fine restaurants, unique music venues and nightclubs sitting side by side with old favourites like the Amalia disco, Dos Gardenias, El Sauce, Club Havana, the much spoken Tropicana or the House of Music, perhaps the most famous venue in the city.

With manned security checkpoints the area has a very relaxed atmosphere and offers some of the best accommodation in the city.

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Vedado has become the main commercial and financial centre of the Cuban capital but it also contains quieter and tree-lined streets, away from the bustle which reflect a more comfortable Havana residential district, perfect for those who don't want to be more than a short taxi ride from the heart of the action..

Miramar has many colonial buildings, luxury villas and a much more relaxed environment than the rest of the city, which makes it the favorite spot for professionals and business people, just a 20 minute ride from Old Havana.

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