National Parks in Holguín – Eastern Cuba natural beauty

Sierra Cristal National Park in HolguinHolguin and the region of eastern Cuba is an eco paradise for those who want to explore and visit the most beautiful Cuban landscape. The area stands out for its many natural attractions, a unique ecological environment and stunning green scenery exemplified by amazing national parks, mountains, nature reserves, beaches and cays.

Holguin is an important holiday destination in Cuba which receives international flights from Canada, USA, England, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. The region is well equipped for visitors with excellent accommodation that's well suited for tourists and hikers, both in the nature reserves and on Cuban beaches in the Holguin area.

Holguin is known as the City of the Parks and the region is well known for its beautiful natural environment including unique flora and wildlife, making it a perfect destination for walking routes and ecotourism in Cuba.

This priviledged location enjoys a very mild tropical climate as it's essentially surrounded by the sea. The tourist potential of this part of eastern Cuba offers many diverse natural environments of unequaled beauty. The varied green scenery of this Cuban landscape combined with wide plains, mountains and breathtaking ocean panoramas. This is the perfect destination in Cuba for green tourism, with many dedicated walking paths, mountain routes, hiking trails and opportunities for trekking in Cuba. 

Sierra Cristal National Park – Cuba nature wild seightseeing

The Sierra Cristal National Park was the first national park created in Cuba in 1930 with an area of 185.37 km2. Cristal Peak is the most visited attraction, which reaches a height in 1,300 meters (4,265 feet) and after Turquino Peak, the second highest on the Cuban island.

This beautiful natural Cuban landscape sits at the heart of the region's ecotourism and it boasts interesting historical sites, such as La Plata, whch served in the 1950s as Fidel Castro's headquarters. 

La Mensura National Park – Environmental tourism and eco tours

La Mensura National Park in Sierra Cristal CubaHolguin is a fascinating Cuban destination for eco travel and nature lovers. One of the most important protected areas in the Holguin area is the Mensura National Park, where visitors will find the tourist resort of Pinares de Mayari and other natural attractions including the Gran Salto del Guayabo, an impressive waterfall and the highest in Cuba. Travelers will enjoy greatly this natural beauty on excursions and walks to the highest point of the waterfall.

The plant bio diversity of La Mensura National Park, which covers more than 8,000 hectares, is essential for the Cuban island's environment for its endemism, risk of extinction and ability to adapt to extreme ecological conditions in accordance to height changes with 100 unique species in the Hogluin area itself.

Alejandro Humbold National Park - A Cuban bio diversity paradise

Alejandro Humboldt National Park CubaThere are several natural parks in the area, but it is the Alejandro Humboldt National Park which is most frequently visited by hikers and walkers, located between Holguin and Guantanamo 40 km from Baracoa. The park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its greatest biological diversity on the planet due to its abundance of flora and fauna. This Cuban National Park is at the heart of the Cuchillas del Toa Biosphere Reserve, Cuba's largest mountain ecosystem and best preserved in the country, the richest in the Caribbean and offering the widest endemism in the world. The natural park embraces beautiful mountain scenery including forests, bays, rivers, cliffs and waterfalls.

Bariay National Monument Park - Rural countryside, trekking and walking

Bariay National Monument Park in Holguin CubaBariay National Monument Park is a protected natural area located 37 kilometers from Holguin. This is home to the bay into which Christopher Columbus first sailed and where he made his famous speech, declaring; 'this is the most beautiful land'. It's a spectacular region for nature lovers with many different ecosystems rich in flora and fauna, and a tropical vegetation typical of eastern Cuba with coconut trees and royal palms. This natural park is home to an archeology museum displaying traces of villages dating back to the time of Christopher Columbus.

Other symbolic natural attractions in Holguin are the beaches and cays - Tourist routes along the Cuban beaches

  • Cayo Naranjo - there is a dolphinarium and it's popular for fishing, sailing, diving and snorkeling
  • Cayo Saetía - home to the largest hunting grounds in all Cuba

All beaches around and in Holguin are pristine with warm, clear waters and fine white sand, lush vegetation and some superb dive sites, excellent for snorkelling, including:

  • Guardalavaca Beach – the nature green contrasting on the calm blue sea
  • Esmeralda Beach- deep green color waters protected by coral reefs
  • Playa Blanca and Playa Pesquero beaches - there is a marina, plus the nearby Rocazul Park

Guardalavaca Beach Holguin. CubaThe natural environment found in this Cuban landscape allows visitors, walkers and hikers to enjoy some truly unique and wild nature. Unlike many tropical countries, southern Cuba has no dangerous plants and animals. Holguin is just one of the main vacation destinations of the island and an unforgettable eco adventure nature trip.

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