A Seaside Stroll along the Malecon - Havana’s Seawall

maleconIf I had to name the simplest and at the same time most attractive and evocative spot in Havana city, I would certainly say the Malecon. It's probably the most famous and iconic seaside promenade in Cuba, a true reflection of the city's many lives, love, sadness, fun and of course, an outdoor meeting point for thousands of Havana residents every day. Everyone visiting Cuba should take a walk along the Malecon seawall as part of their exploration of the city. Take the route when heading for the old city, or simply stroll along taking in the many sites, sounds and smells.

This grand Havana promenade comprises a wide avenue of six lanes edged by a broad concrete sea wall along the northern coast of the city and the Malecon beach extends over 8 kms in length, making it the most popular meeting place in the Cuban capital. A must see if you are passing through Havana, the Malecon perfectly highlights the richness of the city's architecture, with countless historically important buildings in various states of restoration forming a stunning background that's been in existance since the start of the 19th Century and took more than thrity years to build.

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