La Canchanchara - The Flavour of Cuba

Vasijas Canchánchara en TrinidadWhen it comes to Cuban cocktails or drinks, the Mojito, Daiquiri, Cuba Libre and a few choice others are without doubt one of the things that make the island special. The Mojito is linked to the famous bar that proudly claims to have created the cocktail. La Bodeguita del Medio is a benchmark for Cubans around the world. However, the Daiquiri, can certainly not be separated from Ernest Hemingway’s character while The Floridita, a bar sometimes known as "Hemingway’s sip" which personally confuses me, since the literary master said in one of his writings that he was a regular at El Floridita Bar where he wet his letters with the Daiquiri cocktail. Ernest also made the Mojito popular by drinking it daily at La Bodeguita del Medio. I wish I had asked him which was his favorite.

Even though I have a passion for storytelling, it is not any of these cocktails I will focus on in this post. I prefer to talk of a Cuban drink that is not rooted in bars, pubs or entertainment venues of Havana, nor is it a beverage made by accident for the sake of mixing some ingredients. This most typically Cuban drink owes its birth to the Cuban Manigua in the eastern fields of the island, amid cries of war, revolution and struggle. A drink associated with the burdens of the machete and snap of the steels in the frenzy of battle. I am referring to the Canchánchara.

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