Excursions in the Viñales Valley in Western Cuba

vinales valley in Pinar del RioViñales and the surrounding area is an increasingly sought after rural destination filled with a spectacular diversity of nature and an ideal region for exploring the authentic Cuba with plenty of adventure and natural attractions including activities and outdoor excursions like trekking, climbing, horseback riding tours, bike routes and walking tours. You will find several excursions available from Havana to the area, which is one of the most important National Parks in Cuba, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its majestic natural beauty.

The Viñales Valley is located in the westernmost corner of the Cuban island, surrounded by a fascinating and wild natural landscape with the colorful town of Viñales at its heart. The huge hillocks (flat-topped mountains) around the valley are mixed with an intense red earth colour. This Cuban destination offers plenty of rural tourism and outdoor activities, where vivid colors dominate and a lively atmosphere rules with charming and very special people.

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