Visiting Las Terrazas Resort in Cuba: Journey to a nature green paradise

Las Terrazas Resort in CubaIf you're heading to Viñales, a sightseeing tour worth visiting in Cuba is the eco Las Terrazas Resort. There is the possibility to go on organised trips from Havana but if you prefer traveling in Cuba at your own pace, use this handy guide for visiting Las Terrazas Resort and Soroa on your own terms.

Briefly we aim to give you an easy guide on how to get the best out of Las Terrazas Resort and Soroa on a nature day trip to a tropical region with incredibly diverse nature, providing hiking and ecotourism lovers with some of the best Cuban countryside, beautiful sites and scenery of immense beauty, with wonderful views overthe nearby mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, rainforests, waterfalls and even a glimse of the Caribbean Sea on both sides of the island.

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