Getting around Cienfuegos

History Brief

Cienfuegos, CubaThe city of Cienfuegos, located in the central south of the Island, is one of the “young” cities of Cuba. With an excellent geographical location, on the bay of Jagua, it was founded in 1819 by French colonists.

Its historical center was declared a National Monument in 1995 and the UNESCO included it on the list of World Cultural Heritage in 2005.

Cienfuegos is also internationally known for being the native land of the popular singer and musician Benny Moré, one of the greatest in the history of Cuban dance music. He isconsidered by many as a mandatory reference for any Salsa singer.

How to reach Cienfuegos and get around

bus viazulTo get to Cienfuegos from The City of Havana the most comfortable and inexpensive option is through the VIAZUL Travel Agency with air-conditioned buses and all the comfort you need to get to your destination for just 20 cuc. The departure from the city of Havana in the morning is at 08:15 a.m. and the arrival at 01:00 p.m. In the afternoon the departure is at 01:00 p.m. and the arrival in Cienfuegos at 4:25 p.m. For more information about services and schedules you can visit the following website: viazul

To go arround the city you can walk, take a taxi or rent a car. For those who decide to walk, the better option is travelling around the historical center to look closely at the architectural beauties or walking around the Malecón of Cienfuegos (seafront), where you can enjoy its spectacular view.

If you prefer to take a car you can ask any taxi which you see driving around the city - fares depend on the time and the number of kilometers to be traveled. However, the best choise for your trips around the city are through guided visits offered by travel agencies on air-conditioned buses or in rental cars which you can rent according to thetype of vehicle you want, through the following website transtur or through these e-mails This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and havanautos@transtur.

Car Rental in town

 coche alquiler If you want to make the reservation in person, the agencies Cubacar, Havanautos and Rex offer a rental service with or witout driver. The offices are located in these addresses:

  1. 1- “La Unión” Hotel, on 31 Street, between 54 and 56 Streets. Cienfuegos. Phone number 55 2309.
  2. 2- Cienfuegos Trade Center, located on 50th Ave. between 35 and 37 Streets. Cienfuegos. Phone Number: 55 2166.
  3. 3- Aguada de Pasajeros, located on Autopista Nacional (National Freeway), Km 172. Aguada. Phone  Number: 56 2441.
  4. 4- “Jagua” Hotel, located in Casa Verde (Green House), Jagua Hotel. Cienfuegos. Phone Number: 55 2014.
  5. 5- Punta Gorda, located on 37 Street, between 16th and 18th Avenues. Cienfuegos. Phone Number: 55 1211.
  6. 6- Rex Cienfuegos, located on Carretera Circuito Sur (South Circuit Road), 4 Caminos. Cienfuegos. Phone Number: 55 2244.

These agencies give you very attractive offers which go from the rent of inexpensive and standard cars to luxurious and sport cars and mimivans.