Important Information in Cienfuegos

The type of money with which you have to pay for all tourist services in the province of Cuba is the CUC. That is why you must change any currency you bring and change it again at your departure from this country. To make that easy Cienfuegos has banks and bureaux de change located in:

Trade and Credit Banks (BANDEC)

  • 2901 56 Avenue / 29 and 31. Cienfuegos Municipality. See location
  • 5019 31 Street / 50 and 52. Cienfuegos Municipality.
  • P. Martí e/ 114 and 116. Aguada de pasajeros Municipality.
  • 321 P. Gómez e/ Pepe Alemán and Padre de las Casas. Cruces Municipality.

Bureaux de Change

  • 123 Libertad Avenue e/ Serafin Sánchez and Aulet. Abreus Municipality.
  • Caonao Road. Cienfuegos Municipality.
  • 152 Martí Street e/ C. García and C. Aguada de Pasajeros Municipality.See location
  • 64 Avenue between 59 and 61. Cienfuegos Municipality.
  • Paseo de Gómez Street e/ José Luis Robau and Pepe Alemán Streets.
  • Antonio Machado and Camilo Cienfuegos.