Hiking Trails & Guided Tours through the natural beauty of the Viñales Valley

Viñales cave
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Organized day trips and sight-seeing activities with local guides along the many paths and varied scenery of the Viñales National Park in Pinar del Rio region, one of the most colorful and unique spots in Cuba and the Caribbean embracing impressive caves, fertile banana, tobacco and coffee plantations, as well as a lush native vegetation, while enjoying some of the best authentic Creole cuisine.

We tailor organized excursions and outdoor activities according to visitor preferences. Select your preferred guided tour and discover countless wonders with this impressive mountain landscape and its rural countryside. At the ecofarm, you'll be served traditional Cuban dishes and the finest Creole food while admiring an unforgettable sunset.

Remember, when you book your trekking trip with us, you will be accompanied during the excursion by an official tour guide, who will make sure you get the major sighseeing spots and plenty of breathtaking natural spendor and the most from your green day trip.

Organized Walking Tour to green scenic Treasure in Palma Corcho

  • An unforgettable gem, this walking route of about 5 km will give you a short sample of ecotourism at its best and is a must for nature lovers.
  • The route takes in some of the many paths and marvels this Cuban landscape has to offer including its memorable 'living fossil'dating from the Jurassic era and up to 10 meters high in places: the Palma Corcho with its myriad of colorful birds and their haunting songs.
  • There are also many native species of flora and fauna to appreciate within the borders of the Viñales National Park.
  • Hiking Duration: 3 hours.
  • Difficulty: Easy.

Organised Walking Path - Eco Paradise Site to the "Aquatics"

  • The Aquatics trek culminates in a visit to a group of locals living in one of the mogotes of the Viñales Valley. The villagers have a strong belief in the healing properties of the local waters, seeing it as a cure for many diseases and most inhabitants refuse any type of modern medicinal treatment.
  • As well as a chance to meet and converse with these intriguing people, you can also enjoy one of the best views of the Viñales valley from the top of the hummock, famous for its dazzling sunrise.
  • Hikers will be travelling through an entire complex of plant formations and limestone hills of great diversity and scenic appeal, existing in perfect balance with the rural population of the region and the culture of tobacco plantations.
  • Trekking Duration: 4 hours.
  • Difficulty: High.

Guided Hiking Paths: Tobacco Field + Lookout Point + Eco Farm

  • An unforgettable trip through lush green scenery of the valley to experience the tobacco growing process including harvest and drying in one of the oldest tobacco plantations of the region, reached through densely forested rural countryside offering panoramic views of the valley surrounded by the famous limestone hills.
  • The trek includes a guided visit to a traditional rural farmhouse and tobacco plantation including the drying barns, where you will learn about the cultivation and drying process of the tobacco leaf after strolling though fields which grow the best tobacco in the world. This is the perfect spot to sample and roll a Cuban cigar for yourself.
  • The eco tour concludes at another spectacular viewpoint, overlooking the verdant landscape of the Viñales Valley at sunset. Here you can sample delicious Creole cuisine presented in traditional Cuban dishes at the organic restaurant Paladar El Paraiso.
  • The eco farm grows and uses organic vegetables making it a unique place to enjoy some fabulous food in a rural setting little changed over the centuries and surrounded by exceptional natural beauty.
  • Walking Tour: 4 hours + organic meal.
  • Difficulty: Medium.

Guided Eco Tour to Santo Tomas Cave System

  • A visit to the second largest cave system in Latin America to Santo Tomás Cave along an active travel walk route.
  • This is the largest cave complex in Cuba with over 6000 meters of underground passages, where a tourist guide will lead you on a trip through the mysteries of this fascinating cave system with over 45 kilometers of tracks and interlinked galleries, spread over seven levels and more than 10 entry points.
  • This huge cavern has 7 fascinating levels and is of great importance for cave lovers and sightseers alike, a real highlight of the Viñales Valley, famed for its strange rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites set in a stunning natural environment.
  • Tour Duration: 4 hours.
  • Difficulty: Medium.
  • The price does not include access to the cave 10 CUC per person.

Equipment and Suggestions for Hiking around Viñales

It is recommended to wear loose clothes, close and comfortable shoes, a hat or cap, water, sunglasses and sunblock protection.

What's included in the Hiking Trails Excursions

Round trip transport to the start of the trail from Viñales, visits and explanations.

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