Organized 3 day eco Journey Tour to Viñales from Havana

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A unique experience for nature lovers wanting to visit the many wonders of the Viñales Valley. In this organised 3-day journey tour through Pinar del Rio, you will be in direct contact with nature and the traditional Cuban family lifestyle staying in selected private lodging with full Cuban breakfast provided + return trip to Havana.

Outdoor activities include: horseback riding excursion in the National Park, tour around Viñales, visits to Cayo Jutias tropical beach, caves, caverns, breathtaking lookouts, popular tourist attractions, a tobacco plantation, plus a typical meal of traditional Creole cuisine at an organic restaurant.

Hikers will be accompanied during the excursion by an official tour guide, who will make sure you get the major sighseeing spots and plenty of breathtaking natural spendor and the most from your one day trip.

Día 1: Rural Excursion around Viñales & Culinary Tour

  • Your licensed guide will lead trekkers along a walking path to begin a memorable horseback riding tour through the Viñales Valley. Certainly a unique experience and the perfect chance to soak in the breathtaking cultural landscape of the Valley, declared a World Heritage Site.
  • Horseriding break at a typical Viñales Farmhouse and Tobacco plantation complete with traditional drying barns, where you will learn about the cultivation and drying process of the tobacco leaf while strolling though fields which grow the best tobacco in the world. This is the perfect spot to sample and roll a Cuban cigar.
  • The guided excursion continues towards a wild cave located between the hummocks to discover a natural lake which is perfect for swimming and a great spot to cool off.
  • The eco tour concludes at another spectacular viewpoint, overlooking the verdant landscape of the Viñales Valley at sunset.
  • Guests return to their private lodging in Viñales with full Cuban breakfast included. Most B&Bs in Viñales provide a varied Cuban catering service is available, including many typical Cuban drinks and meals

Day 2: Guided Tour around the many attractions of the Valley

  • The tour route begins at the Mirador Los Jazmines noted for offering one of the most beautiful views of the Viñales Valley and a great photo opportunity.
  • Visit the Prehistoric Mural - A 120-meter tall replica of prehistoric paintings on a “mogote” which illustrates the evolution in the Sierra de los Órganos to the first human inhabitants of the Pinar del Rio region
  • Sightseeing at Hotel La Ermita offering awe-inspiring panoramic views from the lookout with the mogotes forming a stunning background.
  • Palenque los Cimarrones – A Cuban Museum where you'll learn about the Afro-Cuban religion and the history of slavery on the island during the 19th century.
  • The eco tour also includes spectacular viewpoints overlooking the valley and Cueva del Indio cave with a boat ride along the underground river running below the mountains trough an impressive cave.
  • Rancho San Vicente – A destination for visitors to the island since the 19th century and famous for its natural springs and medicinal mineral waters. Time to cool off with a quick dip.
  • Local tour through the village of Viñales – including stopping-off at a picturesque and charming traditional villa with a long history of musical culture.
  • Rest at the organic farm El Paraiso, where you can sample delicious Creole cuisine presented in varied Cuban dishes. The farm grows and uses organic vegetables making it a unique place to enjoy some fabulous food in a unique rural setting surrounded by exceptional nature beauty.
  • Return to private accommodation enjoying a traditional Cuban family life-style. Ideal to sample local dishes and Cuban cocktails, the piña coladas in Viñales are superb and make a great accompaniment when lounging on the deck soaking up the stunning views.

Day 3: Cave & Tropical Beach Trip

  • The day begins with a visit to Santo Tomás Cave the second largest cave system in Latin America, with over 6000 meters of underground passages, where a tourist guide will lead you on a trip through the mysteries of this fascinating cave system.
  • This huge cavern has 7 levels and is of great importance for cave lovers alike, a real highlight of the Viñales Valley, famed for its strange and varied rock formations, stalactites and stalagmites.
  • The tour moves on Cayo Jutías, paradise Cuban beach of white sand and turquoise waters where you can soak up the sun and the sea on the 5 km small tropical island, a perfect spot to spend the day basking in the sun and warm Caribbean waters.
  • Cayo Jutias offers several water sports activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, pedalo rental, bird watching or boat trips to its wild gem.
  • You can eat lobster cooked by local fishermen at very reasonable prices. Alternatively you can also have lunch at a traditional Creole ranch and sample mouthwatering Cuban dishes created from the freshest seafood and fish, together with refreshing Cuban cocktails or the delicious Coco Loco, a Cuban drink of coconut water served inside the coconut mixed with crushed ice, lime juice, white rum and sugar.
  • Return trip to Havana.

What's included in the Journey

Lodging in Viñales with a full Cuban breakfast, round trip transport to Viñales from Havana + around Viñales, official tour guide services, horseback riding tour, creole food in organic restaurant, visits + entrance to the various attractions.

Traditional Creole cuisine features a full buffet of organic food typical of the Viñales region + complimentary non-alcoholic Cuban cocktail.

What's not included in the Trip

Lunch on Cayo Jutias beach or any extra costs

About your guide

liset hernandez touristic guia cubasolidays

Liset Hernández, 29

Hi there! I am Liset and am waiting for you in this beautiful land of mine -Viñales- where I was born and were I still live. I would love to show around the best of Cuba as we Cubans live and enjoy it. See you soon!


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