Cards and cash machines

Until a few years ago cards were only accepted as a payment form in major tourist locations such as Varadero and in a few large hotels in Cayo Guillermo.

The massive influx of tourism, new technologies and the widespread use of cards as a way of payment and obtaining cash at ATMs, have compelled a progressive, but slow change to these systems.

Cards are now accepted for payment in many restaurants, car rental offices, travel agencies and hotels as well as many resorts and Cayos.

Telephone and internet connections are partly responsible for the non-admission at certain times for card payment, because it may not receive its confirmation.

But beware, poor internet connections and phone communications can often mean it’s not possible to use a card.
So it is wise to take your cards as an alternative means of payment, never rely on them to pay for everything.

Cash machines

Most leading international cards can be used in Cuban cash machines. In addition, credit cards are accepted to withdraw cash directly at the counter in many large banks.
All transactions made by credit card carry the relevant commission, which differs little whether it is done at the cash machine or over the counter at a bank.
It would be better to avoid getting money from cash machines when the office is closed, and especially at weekends and holidays. A failure in the electricity, communications or a simple mistake can lead to the capture of your card by the cash machine.

Accepted Cards

Payments can also be made with the following credit cards: VISA INTERNATIONAL, MASTERCARD, ACCESS, INTERNATIONAL Bancomer, Banamex, DINERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, JCB and CARNET, and other cards issued in the country (BFI and RED cards).
Cards issued by banks in the United States of America and its affiliates are not accepted. Travelers cheques are also not accepted.

For more information please visit Payment Systems (Cards)