Transport in Cuba

Different means of Transport


Bus viazul cubaBus service connecting the major cities of Cuba. The coaches are well kept and comfortable for traveling.
Since the price per journey is quite reasonable, the company Viazul is very popular with local and foreign travellers, so it is advisable when possible to purchase tickets in advance.
Departure, travel and arrival times are never precise owing to the number of stops to be made, which can be frustrating, but as long as you arrive for the printed departure times you will be fine.
Journey fare tickets to major cities:

  • Habana – Santiago de Cuba : 51 CUC
  • Habana – Trinidad : 25 CUC
  • Habana - Viñales : 12 CUC
  • Habana - Varadero: 10 CUC

More information at the Viazul website


Rarely used by tourists. Poor service, ageing rolling stock and long journey times make train travel in Cuba something just for rail fans
Example the Pinar del Rio – Havana line. The trip by busViazul takes around 3 hours, while the train takes at least double that.

Public Taxis

Taxis publico HabanaCubataxi is a state-run service which offers metered travel, although negotiations are often possible, even for moderate journies.

Public taxi services can be better value and comprise various vehicle types, from modern people carriers to the classic vintage autos often associated with Cuba. These are usually painted white and yellow, or orange and can be distuinguisehd by their colour.

Fares depend on distance and duration with prices rising slightly for evening travel.


  • La Habana – José Martí Airport: 25 CUC
  • Hotel Riviera – Calle Neptuno Street (Central Habana) : 6 CUC

Taxi/Private Car

Autonomous license holding private vehicle owners who operate in much the same way as public taxis, but without a meter meaning you'll always have to agree a price ahead of travel.
Usually cheaper than public taxis for short distances both inside the cities and on long rides or tours along the country, private taxis can be hired for your own use, or as a passenger on more 'fixed'routes between and around cities.

While many private hire cars date back to the 1950s they are much prized by the owner / drivers and usually maintained in superb condition.
There are a few private taxi associations, such as Taxi Cuba, who you can contact directly, but essentially this is an informal business.

Estimated amount to some main destinations:

Between Regions

  • Habana – Viñales: 90 CUC
  • Viñales – Varadero: 150 CUC
  • Habana – Trinidad: 150 CUC
  • Santa Clara – Cayo Santa María: 50 CUC

Local Routes

  • Habana – José Martí Airport: 25 CUC
  • Viñales – Cayo Jutias o Cayo Levisa: 55 CUC - Return
  • Habana- Playas del Este (East Beaches): 30 CUC

More information on Taxicuba


La calle 3 CopiarAlmendrones, vehicles typically dating back to the 1950s, are highly visible in most cities and operate on fixed routes.
Popular with locals they pick up and drop off along a set route, normally for a fixed fare. To take an almedrón just go to pne of the marked stops or simply raise your hand when you see one coming.

Given that he has the space the driver will stop, in much the same way a bus would, and when you want to get out simply tell him.
Usually the price is 10 Cuban pesos each way. It should be noted that a fare in a normal taxi is usually around 4-5 CUC at least, meaning about 100-125 pesos at the current exchange rate.
Almendrones are a good way to travle like a local and to meet people.


avion cayo largoThe fastest means of transport, although more costly, connecting Havana with several major cities as well as some of the Cayos. It is a quick alternative to long trips and compulsory for those wishing to visit Cayo Largo or Isla de la Juventud Island.
Cubana de Aviacion and Aerogaviota are the two companies performing internal flights in CUBA.

  • Flight fares to different cities and Cayos:
  • Habana – Santiago: One-way 150 CUC – Return 250 CUC
  • Habana – Holguín: One-way 140 CUC – Return 240 CUC
  • Habana – Cayo Largo: One-way 96 CUC – Return 152 CUC
  • Varadero – Cayo Largo – Habana: 180 CUC

More inforation on Cubana de Aviación  y Aerogaviota