Cuba Tourist Card (Visa)

It is compulsory for any foreigner visiting Cuba to have a valid tourist card or visa. The longest period a tourist can stay in Cuba is 30 days although it can be extended normally another 30 days. Please see that depending on your country of origin conditions may change.

The rest of the information that you can find here is solely valid for Tourist Cards as at Abril 2015.

Cuba Visa and Passport Requirements 

These requirements vary according to the country you live in but please find below an overall guide:

  • Visas are not transferable
  • Absolutely everyone needs a visa, wehter you are an adult or an infant.
  • Once your visa has been issued it is only valid for a period of 180 days starting from the issuing day.
  • Your passport must be valid and be 2 months away form its expiry date at the time you land in Cuba.
  • Visas are issued for a period of time of 30 days althought they could be renewed once in Cuba for another 30 days.
  • Usually 3 hotel nights already booked somewhere in Cuba (wheter hotel or official particular house) and flight tickets.

Where to obtain and renew your visa

  • At travel agencies and Cuban embassy in your country if any..
  • Online on webs such visacuba.

If you are already in Cuba and would like to stay for longer than 30 days you may extend your current visa for another 30 days at the hotel you are being hosted if the case or at the corresponding local authorities. Here you can find a relation of addresses where to find such offices.

You may want to obtain your tourist card by visiting or writing to the Cuban Consulate in your country of origin. Usually you need what explained above plus a form that you need to fill in and that usually eiher you can find at consulates or you can download it from their webs. For mor information please click here and choose your country.