The Best Dive Centers in Cuba

diving in cubaThere are more than 40 diving centers in Cuba, pefect if you love snorkeling or scuba diving and want to enjoy the some of the best reefs and clearest waters in the Caribbean. Most are very well equipped and have professional instructors endorsed with global (CMAS) or American and Canadian certification (ACUC).

For adventure and sport divers or anyone who love the water Cuba has more than 500 diving areas of interest well distributed around the tropical island. The waters are warm and with more than 4,000 cayos and small islands making up this idealic Caribbean destination the place is a water lovers paradise with remarkably clear seas which really are some of the best in the world.

Cuba has plenty of unspoilt reef barriers which host a wide variety of sea life including unique underwater ecosystems and spectacular features such as undersea caves, rare soft corals and coutless shipwrecks to explore.

The best Cuban dive and snorkel spots

scubadiving in CubaCienfuegos has more than its fair share with more than 20 popular diving sites and many coral reefs, most notably the Notre Dame a 6 meter high coral - one of the most striking in the entire Caribbean. Playa Rancho Luna area is ideal for diving and water sports in general. The area hosts the well known "Faro Luna" diving center, which is a must-visit Cuban destination for underwater lovers of all persuasions. The snorkeling area is outstanding both for the stillness of its waters and the incredibly high degree of visibility. There are plenty of large solid corals and fascinating deep channels that fall to depths of between10 to 40 meters in places.

Guardalavaca Beach, north from Holguin boasts at least 47 excellent snorkeling areas with abundent forests of Garden Coral. The "Eagle Ray" diving center offers the opportunity to dive and visit stunning underwater landscapes at depths of between 5 and 40 meters to discover some awesome ocean relief which features coral reefs, high hillocks, large caves and cliffs and drop-offs.

snorkeling in Cayo Largo beachEl Colony scuba diving in Cayo Largo Beach consists of 56 diving spots including the spectacular underwater reserve that is the Marine National Park, one of the most popular snorkeling areas in the world. It is famous for wall and tunnel diving and hosts a the popular International Underwater Photography Contest annually. Cayo Largo del Sur presents one of the most beautiful and unspoilt Caribbean underwater parks.

Scuba diving and snorkelling off Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo in Jardines del Rey has some great potential, especially for snorkelling with 45 plus areas and some extensive stretches of outstanding natural beauty. At times the place resembles a huge natural aquarium with many colourful species of fish living within a protected coral reef formation that is considered by many to be in the top three worldwide. Cayo Coco beach has over 20 kilometers of magnificent beach and clear blue waters which are home to 159 species of fish, while Cayo Guillermo is surrounded by very clear, warm waters and coral reefs lying less than a kilometer from the beach. Jardines del Rey consists of more than 200 islands with sandbars and coral reef at depths or between 10 and 30 meters.

Santa Lucia beach in Camaguey is one of the best Cuban beaches if you want to explore sunken ships with a stunning background that is rich in underwater fauna and wildlife, including the possibility to dive with sharks.

Diving in Varadero CubaJardines de la Reina south of Ciego de Avila is a popular Cuban destination paradise is one of the most important sea sanctuaries in the Caribbean with 93 dive sites. The biggest attraction in these waters is certainly the sheer amount of wildlife living around its reefs. This is one of the best places on the planet to see a wide variety of sharks including Bull Sharks, Caribbean Reefs, Silkys and Dameros. Declared a Natural Park in 1977 this is the kingdom of larger predators and there are plenty to see as sharks enjoy complete protection in this area with no commercial fishing.

Maria la Gorda Beach - is located in the south western end of the Cuban island in the Guanahacabibes National Park. This area offers more than 50 diving locations with depths of up to 18 m. The region is home to the largest colony of existing black coral in Cuban waters and has some extraordinary marine wildlife.

Varadero beach, Marea del Portillo in Granma, Marina Hemingway, Ancon and Santiago de Cuba are also considered magnificent beaches in Cuba for water sports

snorkeling in CubaCuba as a diving and snorkelling destination is growing fast and the island is becoming one of the most popular in the Caribbean. Ocean trips and excursions around some of the best Caribbean diving beaches are also on the rise. When you consider that all this can easily be combined with an overland exploration of Cuba's unique and important historical, natural and cultural highlights, it's clear to see why so many people are choosing a Cuban hioliday these days.

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