Las Terrazas and Soroa by Taxi

private taxi in CubaThose who love a natural environment surrounded by lush greenery and rivers away from the hustle of daily life, Las Terrazas Resort and Soroa stand out as the perfect destination in Cuba.

The advantage for the traveler is that both sites are relatively close to Havana. Las Terrazas Resort is 60 km from the city and about an hour's drive. At a distance of 75 km from the capital Soroa can be reached by car in one hour and twenty minutes. Thanks to the short distances involved, you can easily enjoy a day trip without spending hours on the road. Access to these places is easy and the condition of roads is quite good. 

Both resorts are connected to the motorway leading to Viñales, one of the most visited destinations in Cuba. So, if you are heading to Viñales it’s well worth considering a detour to these natural sites and thus avoid a second trip and extra expenses. But I only recommend it if the intention is to stay in Viñales and not returning on the same day; as attempting to visit all three Cuban destinations in one day would be difficult and deny you the time each one deserves.

Cuban car Vinales from HavanaIf time is a factor in your travel one option would be to visit Las Terrazas and Soroa in one day trip. This makes sense if you love nature travel and allows you to visit both places in one trip for one price. By combining them, you have the time to enjoy an eco tour in each place.

There are various travel options available including taxi, either private or government, as the prices are relatively similar, through tour packages offered by travel agencies and hotels in Cuba or by private rental car.

Travelling by taxi to Las Terrazas, the return price is 50-60 CUC. Likewise, to visit Soroa costs 50-60 CUC for the return ticket. That means that visiting these places individually would cost 100-120 cuc excluding entrance to the various facilities. In contrast, by joining them into the same tour, the price drops to 70-60 CUC, nearly 50% less.

Cuban taxi almendronThe tours offered by Cuban hotels with inclusive tour packages hover around 55-60 CUC per person, with transport typically by private taxi.

The advantage of travelling by taxi (private or not) is the cost and chance to share a taxi with 1 to 5 travelers. This gives you more freedom with arranging your timetable and avoids the hassle of being subject to rigorous schedules by the Travel Agencies.

So by taking a taxi and combining these two Cuban destinations in one day is easily the most convenient and cheapest way to visit Las Terrazas and Soroa as well as better suited to an eco holiday.

A slightly different itinerary could be to travel from Havana to Viñales and visiting Soroa on the same day. On your way back to Havana, stop at Las Terrazas when leaving Viñales.

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