What is the best time to visit Cuba on holidays?

Cuba Caribbean MapAny time of year can be a good time to travel to Cuba, which is fast becoming the must visit island in the Caribbean. Cuba's nature, colonial architecture, history, culture and pristine beaches set in a tropical climate make it possible to visit the island in any season and enjoy the warm waters with year-round temperatures between 24 and 29 degrees.

Preparing for your journey to the Caribbean not only includes planning where to go, how to travel and where to stay, but also what the weather in Cuba will be like during your vacation. As with any tropical destination, some months are more suited for fun, beach or leisure tourism, while others are better for exploring cities or enjoying eco-touristic activities. So it's relatively significant to decide which is the best time to travel to Cuba to fully enjoy your holiday.

In brief, January is the coolest month, August the warmest and September / October the most likely to experience a tropical storm.

Due to its geography in the Caribbean, the island sits in a tropical climate zone with a pleasant average temperature in Cuba throughout the year divided into two very distinct seasons:

  • A humid tropical climate dominates from May to October – During these months the weather in Cuba can be very hot, humid or wet and the greatest probability of hurricanes or heavy rainfall is from August to October.
  • A dry tropical climate sets in from November to April with slightly cooler temperatures, fewer tropical storms and no hurricanes.

cuba weatherThe weather in Cuba in January can get a bit chilly especially at night, so while it's still warm enough for the beach during the days, you may need a jumper after dark.

Travelling to Cuba in February is ideal for exploring cities such as Viñales and it's when the tobacco harvest takes place. Cuban beaches such as the cays Levisa and Jutías are also at their best at this time. The Habanos Cigar Festival takes place in the capital of Cuba and Varadero beach is only a short distance from Havana.

In March the temperature in Cuba begins to rise and the Caribbean heat takes over, things begin to slow down and it can get uncomfortable hot in inland towns.

April is a good time for your Caribbean Cuban holidays if you enjoy beach vacations and the water is at its warmest, while the weather in Cuba in May can be like stepping into tropical storm season, with the island getting some of its heaviest downpours.

varadero beachVisiting Cuba in June guarantees hot weather but there can also be heavy rain especially in the area around Viñales and the north of this Caribbean island. June is also the beginning of the annual holiday period for Cubans and hot days mean many of the locals head to the beach.

July and August are even hotter, so Cuban beaches can be packed. The climate in Cuba is quite hot and humid throughout the summertime although there is little rain.

Do bear in mind that this is considered a peak season and if you are travelling to Cuba in summer it's best to book accommodation some time in advance.

For those who prefer a holiday in the sun with water sports, excursions and plenty of partying, summer is the best time to visit Cuba. In August most Cubans are on vacation and the island has a lively atmosphere as people kick back, relax and party.

Cuban weather in September and October has a risk of tropical storms and cyclones, although the Caribbean island is more than prepared in the event of occasional hurricane activity and few foreign tourists are deterred by the threat. These months are regarded off season, so the number of tourists going to Cuba is lower, but it can still be a great time for exploring the island's cultural highlights.

Winter is another peak season throughout the Caribbean and it's busy in Havana as well as most Cuban beaches especially the period between Christmas and the New Year.

Havana Tourist attractionsThe weather in Cuba in December and November is widely considered to be the best for a mixture of cultural tourism and relaxed beach vacations. The high season for international tourism begins in November due to milder temperatures and low rainfall along with zero risk of hurricanes or tropical storms.

Cuba is well worth a visit any time of year although many think the best time to visit the island is from mid-November to mid-April during the winter or dry season when you're guaranteed a sunny and pleasant climate.

Even though it is not so hot in the Caribbean island during these months, humidity remains high, so it is appropriate to wear comfortable clothes, preferably cotton. Cuba is a tropical country, so do not forget to wear sunscreen even on cloudy days as the sun can easily burn your skin.

Cosmetic products are very expensive in Cuba, so it's advisable to bring your own sunscreen, (ideally in a 100 ml. bottle to pass it through airport checking controls).

So pack your suitcase and have a great trip to the most unique island in the Caribbean!

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