Excursions in the Viñales Valley in Western Cuba

vinales valley in Pinar del RioViñales and the surrounding area is an increasingly sought after rural destination filled with a spectacular diversity of nature and an ideal region for exploring the authentic Cuba with plenty of adventure and natural attractions including activities and outdoor excursions like trekking, climbing, horseback riding tours, bike routes and walking tours. You will find several excursions available from Havana to the area, which is one of the most important National Parks in Cuba, recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its majestic natural beauty.

The Viñales Valley is located in the westernmost corner of the Cuban island, surrounded by a fascinating and wild natural landscape with the colorful town of Viñales at its heart. The huge hillocks (flat-topped mountains) around the valley are mixed with an intense red earth colour. This Cuban destination offers plenty of rural tourism and outdoor activities, where vivid colors dominate and a lively atmosphere rules with charming and very special people.


vinales town in Pinar del Rio CubaThe town of Viñales features a lively Cuban music scene with various nightly performances in the many clubs and bars around town. Two of the best would be: El Patio del Decimista and Polo Montañez, while a mojito at the 3J bar-restaurant should please visitors followed by dancing with the locals at the Colonial. The main street in Viñales is lined with restaurants and for more traditional Cuban cuisine you'll struggle to miss the many casas particulares offering reasonably priced meals. The most notable restaurant is La Cabaña, which is kind of hidden away, but serves superb food in an unforgettable atmosphere. El Olivo is slightly more expensive, but also comes highly recommended. El Gallito offers reasonable prices and tasty food as does Las Brisas, the only place where you can pay in local currency and by far the cheapest, although the ambience may be a little too authentic for some.

Hiking Trails and visiting the Caves of Viñales Valley

Cueva del Indio in Viñales CubaViñales Valley is very well suited for trekking and is home to a wide selection of walking paths and endless rural landscapes. Organised tours and excursions are available in groups with a guide (do remember that they will have to be an authorized guide). There are countless other options for lovers of outdoor activities, making the regions Cuba's most complete and popular outdoor activity destination. An umissable excursion that comes well recommended is the trip from Viñales to Palmarito and up to Silencio Cave, which is home to natural pools fed by underground water, it's a great place for swimming. There are also organized excursions to the Santo Tomas the Great Cave, some of the largest underground passages in Latin America, with around 18 km of galleries, tunnels and subterranean halls spanning 5 levels of interconnected passageways. Also worth a visit is the 'Indian Cave' about 10 km away. This smaller cave has a river running through that can be accessed by boat. You may have to wait a while as only two boats are permitted inside, but it makes for a fascinating trip, with the occasional low-flying bat.

Horseback Riding Tours and more

viñalesvalley- horseridingtour in CubaOther popular excursions and tours in the Viñales Valley include: horseback riding and a trip out to the Los Jazmines viewpoint, from where you can enjoy spectacular views over the valley. The area is well known for its excellent tobacco plantations: where you can see traditional farming, harvesting, drying and processing methods unchanged in generations. This area is home to the famous "Habanos" cigars, believed to be the best in the world and if you're a fan of smoking it's an unmissable experience. There are also small farms and distilleries where you can try an authentic guarapo (sugar cane and rum), prepared in front of you. It is particuarly interesting to watch the process of sugar extraction in this tropical location.

Climbing and Cycling Tours

climbing vinales cubaThe Valley of Viñales is home to some of the most dramatic cliffs and climbing territory on the island, framed by rolling hills and the lush vegetation of western Cuba. The Viñales National Park is considered an ideal setting for mountain climbing in Cuba, offering challenging ascents and spectacular views. If you love nature this region is paradise.

Another popular activity is to rent a bike with options ranging from a few hours to a full day. Cycling is a good way to explore the Prehistoric Wall Mural, 5 kilometers from the village. Allow 15 minutes by bike or around an hour by foot.

Green Scenery Tourism - Unique holiday destination in Cuba

Cycling in Viñales CubaThe Viñales Valley is one of the most iconic spots in Cuba, where stunning nature and age old traditions co-exist. If you're looking for a stunning natural environment for your holiday in Cuba where the pace of life feels a lot slower than other parts of the island, combined with unique scenery, virgin forests, abundant flora and a collidascope of colour, the valley makes the perfect destination.

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