Where to eat and drink in La Havana

Cuban Cuisine

San Cristóbal Paladar (private restaurant)

Paladar San Criostobal HabanaLocated at 469 San Rafael street, It offers you the ideal place to taste delicious dishes serving lunch and dinner, with a beautifully decorated and very romantic atmosphere. See location

Doña Eutímia

Also on one side of the Cathedral Square, on El Chorro Alley and with prices that go from 6.00 CUC to 14 CUC. Make sure to taste its delicious croquettes and lobster as well as its excellent “mojitos”. See location   

La Roca Restaurant

Situated on the corner of 21st and M streets, Vedado. Dishes are of excellent quality, very generous in quantity and with prices starting at just 3.50 CUC, make this restaurant a very requested place. Good idea to make your reservation in advance. During the day, a well-known pianist often provides the music and during the nights a comedy and cabaret show makes for a happy and amusing evening. See location           

Other options

La Catedral Bar Restaurant

On 8th Street between Calzada and 5th streets, Vedado. This restaurant offers international food. Restaurant recently opened. Excellent service. A wine list and well-prepared gastronomic offerings. See location

Arcángel Café

Café Arcangel HabanaSituated at 57 Concordia Street between Galiano and Águila streets, offering European food and very popular for lucnch. See location

Venami Restaurant

At 435 Montserrate and Teniente Rey streets with delicious offers of Cuban and international cuisine.

Los Mercaderes Paladar

Located on the street bearing the same name, between the streets of Lamparilla and Amargura. It includes Caribbean food on the menu with options for breakfast and lunch with prices ranging from 10.00 CUC to 35.00 CUC.

El Chanchullero de Tapas

Restaurant located at 457 Teniente Rey Street, where you can delight in tasting delicious lobsters from only 6.00 CUC and enjoy an atmosphere livened up by music from the 1980’s. See location

House of Chocolate

Museo del chocolate La HabanaMercaderes and Amargura streets. With options of chocolate-based drinks and candy you can enjoy a nice climate away from the busy streets and also delight in tasting its delicious flavors and aromas. The shop is relatively small and at times receives many visitors. You may even find a short line of people outside waiting to get in and it may take between 10 to 30 minutes to enter. See location


If you are looking for a variety of dishes with even cheaper prices , The Habana 61 Restaurant at 61 Habana Street between Cuarteles and Peña Pobre streets; the Gourmet Havana, situated on Prado Avenue and Virtudes Street; and the restaurant called This Is Not a Café (Esto No Es Un Café) on the El Chorro Alley on one side of the Cathedral Square have a varied menu with a base of Cuban, French, Italian, contemporary and fusion food with prices under 18.00 CUC.

And if you like tapas, sandwiches and bread, the Café Bohemia in the Old Square (Plaza Vieja) offers delicious snacks.