Activities in Santa Clara

Excursions and tours around Santa Clara

The travel agencies Havanatur, Cubanacan and Cubatur offer guided visits and tours around the city that offer a real flavour of the city and surrounding area. For more information take a look at the following websites: havanatur, cubatur and cubanacan

“Buenos días Santa Clara”“Good morning Santa Clara” Excursion

Tren blindado Che SantaClaraFor a cost of 26.00 cuc per person and lasting 5 hours, we suggest a visit to the “Marta Abreu” Central University of Las Villas, first command headquarters of Che in the battle for the city of Santa Clara.

It is also includes a panoramic tour of the former building of public works and second Rebel Command Headquarters, where you will be able to gaze at the sculptural work called “Che de los Niños” (Che belonging to the children), inspired by this prominent important figure of world history.

Also included is a visit to the monument to the action of derailment of the Armored Train and Del Carmen Park, where the mass on the foundation day of the city was conducted on July 15th of 1689; you will also visit the urban historical center and Leoncio Vidal Park and the Architectural Complex made up of the “La Caridad” Theater, and the former Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace), today called Library l and declared National Monument.

Finally the visit ends in the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Sculptural Complex, inside which lie his remains and those of his comrades-in-arms from the reinforcement detachment of Bolivia guerrillas. Plus lunch at a selected restaurant.

“Santa Clara” City Tour

Parque delCarmen SantaClara For a price of 10.00 cuc for adults, 8.00 cuc for children between 3 and 14 years old and free for under 2 year olds, the tour lasts 3 hours and provides an unforgettable visit to the center of Cuba beginning in Del Carmen Park where the mass of the foundation of the city of Santa Clara was celebrated

The tour continues around the Cultural and Historical Center, which takes in Leoncio Vidal Park. The visitor will be able to enjoy various collections exhibited in the Museum of Decorative Arts and appreciate the historical memory of the Assault to the Armored Train which was one of the most important actions carried out by the Cuban people during their revolutionary struggle.

The program also includes a visit to the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Sculptural Complex where you can admire the different moments of the life and work of the Heroic Guerrilla and honor his figure at the Memorial.

“Encuentro con la Historia” Excursion

Mausoleo Che GuevaraThe price for adults is 37.00 cuc, for children from 3 to 14 years old is 28.00 cuc and for under 2 year olds is free, lasts around 7 hours. Get to know a legend and two cities with a lot of history to tell.

You'll learn how some famous demons get to Remedios and then motivated the foundation of the city of Santa Clara.

On this excursión the visitor will learn the historical memory of the foundation of the Eighth Town in Cuba and the city of Santa Clara, just in the foundation sites. In Santa Clara you will also visit other historical attractions like the Museum of the Action of the Derailment of the Armored Train, where under the orders of Che rebels facilitated the triumph of the Cuban Revolution.

You will also visit the “Commander Ernesto Che Guevara” Sculptural Complex, the Santa Clara Cigar Factory and the La Veguita (the little tobacco plantation) specialized shop, where the visitor will be able to acquire and taste the best Cuban cigars, coffee and rum.

Once you are in Remedios you will be guided on a tour through the Major Parish Church, the Museum of the Remedios Parrandas (festivities), the Alejandro García Caturla Museum House, lunch at the Restaurant of the “E” Mascotte Hotel, and also enjoy your free time.

Going shopping

The shops and bazaars in Santa Clara offer you a wide variety of products such as:

Specializing in Footwear and Accessories:

  • Primavera Shop. Máximo Gómez Street between Independencia and Martí Streets.
  • Los Caneyes Shop. Los Eucaliptos Avenue, Los Caneyes Hotel.
  • Villa Clara Photoclub. Colón Street between San Cristóbal and Mujica Streets.

Specializing in cultural products:

  • ARTEX Bazaar. 6 Marta Abreu Street and Los Caneyes Road.
  • 60 Máximo Gómez Street between Independencia and Martí Streets. See location
  • El Bazar. Colón Street between Mujica and San Cristóbal Streets.
  • “Armored Train Museum” Shop. Camajuaní Road between Línea and C Streets. See location

Specializing in clothing and perfumes:

  • La Isla. Colón Street between Parque and San Cristóbal Streets.

Specializing in cigars, rum and coffee:

  • La Veguita.176-A Maceo Street between Julio Jover and Berenguer Streets.