Getting around Santa Clara

History Brief

staclara citySanta Clara is the capital city of the province of Villa Clara. Located in the center of Cuba, it has been traditionally a strategic place for railroad and road communications between the western and eastern regions of the Island.

It was founded on July 15th 1689 by a group of settlers from the San Juan de los Remedios town. In the history of Santa Clara the year 1959 stands out because that was the year when the city was taken by the rebel army in its struggle against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, action which was crucial for the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st of 1959.

The mausoleum and memorial erected here honoring Ernesto Che Guevara, the Heroic Guerrilla, have turned this place into a site of pilgrimage for thousands of people from around the world.

How to get to the city and travel around it

To get to the city of Santa Clara you can do it by taxi, in rented cars, or by bus through the Central Road or freeway. We recommend you to travel by bus because it offers you comfort and safety during the trip and it is much cheaper than the taxis.

santa clara CubaOnce in the city you can make your tours by rented car, in taxis or through guided visits by contacting the travel agencies Havanatur, Cubatur and Cubanacán, which guarantee transportation, pickup and return. If you choose the taxi option, we recommend you agree prices before starting the trip because fees vary depending on the places you want to visit. From Vidal Park, in the center of the city, it is easy to get a taxi and also to have access to a bici taxi for a short tour of the surroundings, the price will cost between 20-25 cuc.

From Havana by bus

Viazul VillaClaraTo get to Santa Clara, the Viazul buses offer you a direct trip to the city for only 18 cuc. With departures from the city of Havana at 08:40 a.m., 09:30 a.m., 03:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. In only 4 hours you can move forward 2.5 kilometers west from the city center.

Other means: Taxis and rental cars

classic car santa claraRental cars are a good option for those who like direct, private travel. You can request them at agencies including; Havanatur, Cubacar and Rex or at the airport.

Another option is to take a taxi from Havana with prices ranging from 120 to 130 cuc. They can be private or state run. In case of private hire it's important to negotiate price and whethr you'll be returning or just travelling one way.