Where to eat and drink in Santa Clara

“Casa del Gobernador” Restaurant (house of governor)

restaurant casa del gobernador CubaThe professionalism and its indisputable colonial architecture complements with exquisite dishes of Cuban food at the Casa del Gobernador Restaurant, located on Zayas Street and Independencia Avenue. See location

“Don Quijote” Restaurant

On Sagua Road, 3.5 kilometers from the city, this restaurant will allow you to eat well for only 6.00 cuc per person. Be sure to taste its delicious spaghetti sauce and homemade desserts.

“Florida Center” Boarding House

Restaurante FloridaCenter Santa ClaraSituated at 56 Maestra Nicolaza Street between Colón and Maceo Streets, a friendly atmosphere worth enjoying, especially its delicious dishes of “shredded beef'', the fantastic fish with shrimp and more. See location

“El Sol” Restaurant

For those who like seafood, fish and fries, the El Sol Restaurant located at 52 Maceo Street between Buen Viaje and Gloria Streets, offers you quality, good service and very affordable prices.

“El Alba” Restaurant

Very close to Vidal Park, its incredible walls full of graphic humor give the place a touch of distinction. With varied and very cheap offers, the true taste of Cuban food is served up in this suggestive place, where without doubt, you should try the excellent pork chops. See location

“La Aldaba” Boarding House (doorknocker)

la aldaba restauranteDelicious cocktails and inviting dinners with the family of up to 10.00 cuc per person at the “La Aldaba” Restaurant”, locaed on Luis Estévez Street between Independencia and Martí Streets.