Where to eat and drink in Santiago de Cuba

In Santiago you will find restaurants and snack bars to suit all tastes, from the best national food to the fine internacional cuisine.

Cuban Food

“Aurora” Restaurant

For this type of dish the Aurora Restaurant, located on General Portuondo Street between General Moncada and Calvario Streets, is the best option in the city. Serving dinner, lunch and breakfast, this restaurant offers a distinctive touch in its dishes, accompanied by a pleasant aroma and superb presentation.

In this family atmosphere and with a first-class service, do not miss the opportunity of tasting the specialties of the house - its delicious soups.

“El Palenquito” Restaurant

Restaurante Palenquito Santiago CubaEl Palenquito Restaurant, located at 28 Río Avenue between 6th Street and El Caney Road, offers the visitor good service with a varied menu of offers. With very affordable prices you can enjoy an unbeatable atmosphere perfect to share with relatives and friends, and to delight in the best lobsters in Santiago.

“Compay Gallo” Restaurant

The Compay Gallo restaurant, situated at 503 San Germán Street and Carnicería Street, stands out because of the excellent presentation of its dishes and superb service. It is a cosy place with a variety of culinary offers including many traditional dishes. See location

“Salón Tropical” Restaurant

Restaurante Tropical Santiago CubaSalón Tropical Restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes and desserts for your delight. This incredible place, where the elegance of its dishes and the quality of its food are famous, is situated on Luis Fernández Marcané Street between 10th and 8th Streets, Santa Bárbara. Pizzas, ice-creams and many other options are waiting for you in this delightful restaurant. See location

“Primos Twice” Restaurant

For the delight of exquisite food with the family, Primos Twice Restaurant located at 262 Calvario Street between Habana and Trinidad Streets, offers the possibility of trying delicious dishes which not only include Cuban food, but also excellent offers of fried rice and seafood. See location

El Morro” Restaurant

Restaurante El Morro Santiago CubaFor those who like beautiful views of the entrance to the bay of Santiago, El Morro Restaurant, situated on El Morro road km 8.5, offers you the possibility of enjoying its lunches and dinners in a spectacular atmosphere very close to the El Morro Fortress. See location 

Caribbean Food

El Alazán Restaurant. (Sorrel)

For those who enjoy Caribbean food El Alazan Restaurant has some great offers. The restaurant is located in the south of the city, at 909 San Felix street between San Carlos and Santa Rosa streets. Here you can taste delicious and well-prepared food in a lovely setting.

Micaela House

Casa Micaela Santiago CubaMicaela House, situated at 456 San Feliz Street between San Francisco and San Gerónimo Streets, offers dishes of Caribbean food accompanied by live traditional music played by different groups among which is the well-known Septeto Habanero (Havanan Septet). See location

Aché Bar Restaurant

The Aché Restaurant Bar at 609 Santa Lucia street between San Agustin and Barnada Streets, also stands out with offers of genione Caribbean food. Beautiful decoration and fantastic offers, this restaurant invites you to enjoy splendid options at reasonable prices.

Other Cuisines

The La Canasta Restaurant, specializing in international and Cuban food is located at 51 9th Street and Fernández Marcane Street in Santa Barbara, is a local favourite. With excellent service, reasonable prices and very well-prepared cocktails, La Canasta is a good option for those who love variety.