Getting around Trinidad

History Brief

Trinidad CubaThe city of Trinidad, with approximately 55,000 inhabitants, is located in the central and south region of Cuba and belongs to the province of Sancti Spíritus. It was the first town founded in the Island, at the beginning of the year 1514, establishing its definitive settlement around the middle of 1515 by the side of the Loma de la Vigía (Hill of the Watchtower).

Future figures of the conquest of the New World like Pánfilo de Narváez, Juan de Grijalba, Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, the brothers Pedro, Diego and Alonso de Alvarado, and Bernal Díaz del Castillo (chronicler of the conquest of New Spain) all settled here.

Setting sail from the port of Trinidad with around eleven ships, Hernán Cortés began his expedition to Mexico in 1518.

From the end of the 17th century and during the first half of the 18th century, with the growth of sugar production associated with the so-called Valle de los Ingenios (Valley of Sugar Mills), the city started to grow and in it were built beautiful mansions which today, are mostly converted into museums and cultural centers, we can admire.

As a rerult of the extraordinary work of restoration begun in 1980, and completed in 1988 the Centro Histórico de Trinidad (Historical Center of Trinidad) and the Valle de los Ingenios were both declared “World Cultural Heritage” sites by UNESCO.

How to reach Trinidad and get around

Almendron Trinidad CubaTo get here from the city of Havana you can take a bus at the VIAZUL Travel Agency for the price of 25 cuc. This is the most comfortable and inexpensive way to get to Cienfuegos and also the most popular. For more complete information you can visit the following website: viazul. You can also take a private taxi for 120-150 cuc, or a state one for around 170 cuc.

Other ways to get around the city include walking or by bici taxi. If you wish to make an excursion on foot, this option aloows you to soak up the environment and enjoy the beauties of the city in a slower way with no cost at all. Regarding the bici taxis, they are a means of transportation which you can find anywhere in town and the price depends on the distance of the trip you wish to make. Its price is not high, which makes it popular for tourist trips. You can also take a taxi and negotiate the price in advance depending on the mileage or the number of places to be visited.

Another option for your travels in and around the city would be to choose rental car services located in:

  • Alberto Delgado Airport on Casilda-Trinidad Road.
  • Trinidad Cubatur Agency on the corner of Maceo and Francisco Javier Zerquera Streets.
  •  CUPET Office on Trinidad- Casilda Road; ring road.
  •  Hotel Costasur.

In any of these places you can rent cars of different categories and models starting with 60.00 cuc per day.

Travel Agencies in the city

If you prefer to go on organised trips or make excursions with the advice of travel agencies, which offer all-inclusive transportation service for tourists, either individual or in groups, then using one of the local travel agencies will be the best choice, through their websites: havanatur, cubatur, cubanacan and paradiso  or you can contact them directly at their offices located at:

  • Cubanacán Travels. Trinidad Office. (154 Colón and Frank País Streets).
  • Cubatur in Sancti Spritus. (7 Máximo Gómez Street).
  • Havanatur Territory Sancti Spíritus-Trinidad. (428 Simón Bolivar Street between Rubén Martínez Villena and Gustavo Izquierdo Streets).
  • Paradiso Sancti Spíritus. (306 Lino Pérez Street between Francisco Cadahia and José Martí Streets. Sancti Spíritus).