Important Information in Trinidad

Trinidad, Infotur (information office and tourism)

101 Gustavo Izquierdo Street between Simón Bolivar and Piro Guinart streets

• Telephone(s)(53 41) 99 8257-58.

Currency Exchange and Methods of Payment

Cadeca en HavanaIn Cuba, the national currency is the Cuban peso, although the CUC “Freely Convertible Currency” (Moneda Libremente Convertible = MLC) is also in circulation. The latter is used to pay for any service in every tourist installation in the city, that is why it is recommended that you change your currency into CUC. For that, you will have to use one of the CADECAs (Bureaux de Change) located at:

Bureaux de Change (CADECAs)

  • Ancón Hotel - Sancti Spiritus.Honorato del Castillo and Independencia streets.
  • Trinidad (sale of CUC). 82 Libertad Avenue between Beremundo Paz and Manuel Brito streets

Shops in Trinidad

National Clothings and local handicrafts are among the most important offerings in the shops of Trinidad.

Cultural Products

  • House of Trova (Casa de la Trova). 29 Fernando Hernández Echerri Street.
  • Guitarra Mía (Guitar of Mine). 474 Antonio Maceo Street between Simón Bolívar and Francisco Javier Zerquera streets.
  • ARTEX Shop. 306 Lino Pérez Street between José Martí and Francisco Cadahía streets.

 Cigar, rum and coffee

  • El Golosín Small Market. (no number) José Martí Street.

Clothings and perfumery

  • Canchánchara Shop.Rubén Martínez Villena Street.
  • House of Cigar Shop (Tienda Casa del Tabaco). Antonio Maceo Street.

Gas stations

  • El Chiquito.Frank País and Francisco J. Zerquera streets.
  • Servi- Cupet. Trinidad – Casilda Road, Bypass.

Trinidad, International Clinic

103 Lino Pérez and Anastasio Cárdenas streets

• Telephone(s)(53 41) 996492 / 996240 • Surgical Clinic (Clínico Quirúgico).