Where to eat and drink in Trinidad

Cuban cuisine including fish, seafood, and gane is wide spread throughout Trinidad. Restaurants like La Casa de la Gallega, the Finca (country estate) Ma Dolores, the estates Codina and Los Molinos; and the restaurants Manaca-Iznaga serve Cuban cuisine and regional dishes.

El Jigüe

El Jigue Restaurant Trinidad For fish and seafood there is nothing better than Los Almendros, while the El Jigüe specializes in game and meat. See location

La Canchánchara

 For a few drinks it is already a town tradition to go to the La Canchánchara. It is a place where they serve a traditonal beverage of the same name as the bar, which is prepared with sugarcane rum, honey and lemon, although it is very popular and you can find it almost everywhere.  See location

Paladar La Ceiba (private restaurant)

La Ceiba restaurant Trinidad Few private restaurants, which can be distinguished from state-owned ones because they begin with the word “Paladar”, offer excellent service and quality relationship at less expensive prices. This is the case of the La Ceiba Paladar, in the historical center, where you can enjoy delicious food for 7 to 10 cuc. See location