Villa Clara Region

Provicia Villa ClaraVilla Clara is located in the centre of the former Las Villas region. Established as a province in 1976, Villa Clara is now the fifth most populated area and home to much beautiful scenery and tourist attractions where a mixture of plains, mountains, colonial towns and fishing villages intertwine to create a unique and vibrant region, popular with many visitors.

It has 13 districts including the capital Santa Clara, where you´ll find the major tourist attractions, including Remedios, Caibarien and Manicaragua stands.

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Villa Clara city includes among its many attractions its keys and northern coast, as well as a medicinal spa and hot springs "Elguea" and Lake Hanabanilla, one of the largest artificial reservoirs in the country built at the foot of the Escambray Mountains and where you will find a popular flora and fauna reserve.

Getting to the region

To reach the Villa Clara region you can make a road trip by taxi, rental car or by Viazul bus. The latter is the most used from Havana, at a cost of 18.00 CUC. The price for a taxi is 100-120 CUC.

Cities and major towns

Santa Clara

Santa ClaraSanta Clara or Ché city and Marta Abreus as many people know it, is the capital city of the Villa Clara region and one of the oldest in the country founded on July 15, 1689.

Its series of plains enclosed by mountains, rivers and lakes, create a unique contact with nature. It also contains the Ernesto Che Guevara´s sculptural complex and numerous colonial buildings that give the city its historical and heritage ambience.

The most famous monuments and landmarks in Santa Clara are:

  • Carmen Park (the city´s foundation birthplace) and Vidal Park, right in the heart of town where the revolutionary Leoncio Vidal was killed. See location
  • Charity Theater, opened in 1885 by Marta Abreu and declared a national monument in 1981, it´s the current home of occasional concerts and cultural activities. See location
  • Decorative Arts Museum with permanent exhibition of items and symbols of culture. See location
  • St. Clare of Asís Cathedral attended daily by hundreds of worshippers. See location
  • Commander Ernesto Che Guevara Memorial, erected in honor of the guerrilla fighter and his fallen comrades in combat from Bolivia, many important remains are housed here. See location
  • Armoured Train Museum where you will find the remains of a train knocked out by rebel troops. See location


Remedios Villa ClaraA town rich in history and culture in the north of the Caibarién district, with its famous historic town center declared a National Monument.

Its outstanding buildings, beautiful promenades and parks distinguish this as a joyful dynamic town, famous for its sprees and annual festivals attended by people from all over the island.

Some of Remedios monuments and landmarks include:

  • José Martí View Square See location, special for being the only one in the country with two churches: Our Lady of the Good Voyage See location and the Parish Mayor de San Juan Bautista, the latter contains a beautiful gold plated shrine.See location
  • Sprees Museum. Celebrations of the famous "parties" have been remembered here since 1980 with photos, costumes, instruments, scale models and other items of spree history dating back to 1820. See location
  • Museum in honour of the outstanding musician Alejandro García Caturla, exhibiting many objects linked to his artistic work. See location

You can book a city tour around town with Havanatur, Cubanacán and Cubatur agencies for a fee of 22.00 for children and CUC 31.00 CUC for adults; but if you wish to see other parts of town, a journey on horseback through the plains of Remedios is a perfect way to enjoy your time and costs between 35.00 and 40.00 CUC with Havanatur and Cubanacan.


Elguea Spa CorralilloThis district is located in the Elguea spa resort, famous for its mineral-rich waters and their healing properties. The excellent hotel and spa is considered one of the most important in Latin America, and makes an ideal spot for relaxation as well as the treatment of respiratory and circulatory problems.

The hotel also offers its guests entertainment with day and night tours the historical city of Santa Clara and the Northern Cayes, taking in its pristine beaches and beautiful landscapes.


Habanilla Reservoir

Habanilla Reservoir is known as the formation of the Guanayara, Black and Jibacoa rivers. Hanabanilla is a unique opportunity to rest and meditate in close contact with nature. Also an excellent spot for trout fishing, which is one of the of greatest attractions for visitors.

There are lodging facilities at Hanabanilla Hotel, providing all the necessary comforts with 125 rooms. Also recommended is a walk along the Black River to appreciate the beauty of the site and its unspoilt atmosphere. Excellent gastronomic offerings from the Ranchon grill restaurant, specialists in typical Creole dishes.

You can enjoy a fishing trip in Habanilla through Havanatur, Cubanacán Travel, Cubatur, Gaviota tours, Ecotur and Paradiso agencies with boat rental, guide service and lunch at a cost of 58.00 CUC or the day tour "Date un salto a Habanilla " for a fee of 13.00 CUC for children and 15.00 CUC for adults.

The Cayos

Cayo Sta Maria en Villa ClaraLas Brujas and Santa María Cays, are some of the most remarkable spots in northeastern Cuba. Their small beaches, fine white sand and clean waters are perfect for diving and underwater photography.

On the island off the northern coast, known as"The King´s Garden White Rose", it´s possible to find plenty of activities for nature tourism lovers. Catamaran sailing, snorkeling, swimming with dolphins, sea animal shows, spa services and more are among the options provided by the Dolphinarium Cay, La Gaviota Marina (Marine Seagull), Melia Buena Vista Spa and La Estrella village.

Travel agencies Havanatur, Cubanacán, Cubatur, Gaviota tours, Ecotur and Paradiso offer several opportunities for you to enjoy the seascapes with trips to the northeast Cays from Villa Clara at a cost of 30.00 CUC for children and 40.00 CUC for adults.

Other interesting excursions around the town include the Sugar Industry Museum Marcelo Salado, located 3 ½ km from Caibarien road. It presents the evolution of sugar farming in Cuba through videos and allows visitors to enjoy the exquisite flavor of fresh sugar cane juice. A guided one hour tour is offered by the following agencies Havanatur, Cubanacán, Cubatur, Gaviota tours, Ecotur and Paradiso to the museum itself and also, to the Rum and Steam Museums, at a cost of 9.00 CUC for adults with 50% discount for children.