Activities in Viñales

There are plenty of activities in and around Viñales, the vast majority related to nature. Hiking, mountain and nature lovers have a chance to enjoy an unforgettable experience in this region and excursions can be arranged on your own or through agencies such as Cubanacan and Havanatur.

4 Hour drive in Viñales Valley

murales prehistoria viñalesTravel by secondary roads across the Viñales Valley. Various stops including the Prehistoric Mural, the Maroons Palenque, the Indian Cave and San Vicente Villa.
Prices: 20 CUC for adults and 10 CUC for children. Lunch is included.

Tour 6 Hours Viñales Valley

Visit to the Bay Point View, the Two Sisters Valley including the Prehistoric Mural, the Maroons Runaway slave settlement, Saint Vincent Villa and the Indian Cave.

Prices: 35 CUC and 18 CUC adult children. Lunch is included.

Saint Tomas Cave

cueva santo tomas viñalesThe Grand Saint Tomás Cave is of National Monument. It is the largest in Cuba, 6 kilometers long and the longest in the Caribbean with more than 45 kilometers of passages.
Prices: 10 CUC per person

Jutias Cay

cayo jutias viñalesThis beautiful Cay, unspoilt and very rarely visited is located in north of Viñales. Road access is available.
The tour includes: Transfer by bus, entrance to the Cay, Lunch and free time.

Prices: 22 CUC per person

Cay Levisa

This Cay is in great demand and only around 30 bungalows are available to rent in the area. Access is by boat from the pier in Palma Rubia.
The tour includes bus and boat transfers to access the Cay including welcome drink, locker for storing clothes, lunch and free time.

Prices: 29 CUC adults and 21 CUC children 2 to 12 and 10 CUC snorkeling (optional)

What to see in Viñales

Viñales Valley

valle viñalesViñales has some unique landscapes featuring low elevations of karstic rock known as hummocks or "mogotes", scattered across valleys of extraordinary beauty. The valleys contrast with the hummocks and can be widespread and easily visible to the visitor or small and hidden within the mountain ranges. Viñales Valley is an outstanding natural setting covering around 132 square kilometers.

Prehistoric Mural

In the hummock known as Two Sisters Pita Valley is located one very noteworthy feature, one of the largest murals from prehistoric times, in the open sky. 120 meters high and 180 wide at its hillside elevation, the Prehistoric Mural is an illustration of the biological evolution of the Sierra de los Órganos mountain range.

Indian Caves

cueva del indio viñalesThe region boasts numerous cave systems with the outstanding Indian Cave 300 meters long. The cave is accessed via the Saint Vincent River, where a small boat tour is available.

Los Jazmines Hotel Bay Point View

mirador los jazminesTwo kilometers from Viñales village you can appreciate stunning and beautiful views of the Viñales Valley from the hotel viewpoint, especially attractive at sunrise. You can view the hummocks, assorted crops and plantations, local homes and pathways through the surrounding fields. Four paths of major interest leave from the viewpoint for fans of ecotourism.

Maroons Runaway Slave Settlement

Recreational and cultural complex comprised of an ethnographic museum that delights in the establishment of a runaway settlement (African slaves), containing many items of daily life and where local folk shows are art exhibitions are offered.