Getting there and around Viñales

Short introduction to its history

viñales cubaThe Town of Viñales is located west of the island in the center and to the north of Pinar del Rio, Cuba's westernmost region. Viñales is one of the main tourist destinations thanks to the extraordinary natural beauty of the region and its friendly people.

Viñales natural wealth and cultural history were crucial for its declaration as "National Monument" in 1979, "Cultural Landscape of Humanity" by UNESCO in 1999 and "National Park" in 2001.

Viñales is an essentially agricultural and stockbreeding town where snuff, highly prized internationally is the major crop. From midway through the last century, tourism has gradually grown to become one of the main economic drivers of the area.

Getting around town

bus viazul cubaViñales is about 180 kilometers from Habana by road. Bus is the cheapest form of transport. Viazul agency has two daily services for 12 CUC each way.

If you want to travel by car you can hire via Trasntur from 60 CUC per day. Public or private taxis are priced between 80-90CUC including a small tour of the Viñales area. If you choose to return back to Havana, the price rises to 100-120 CUC.

The town is small so local transport is barely necessary. Visits to the tourist areas in Valley Viñales can be made for 20 CUC by taxi or by tourist bus for 5 CUC per person.

Another option popular with visitors is to rent a bike or scooter. This service is offered by Palmares Agency in Salvador Cisneros # 140 Street.
Prices: Scooter 12 CUC for 2 hours; 23 CUC all day; Bicycle 1 CUC per hour; 10 CUC all day.