Shopping in Viñales

For shopping and buying a souvenir of Viñales Town you can visit:

Specialized cultural products

  • El Veguero - Road Km 25 to Viñales
  • Decimista Courtyard - Salvador Cisneros No. 174
  • Selling point "Boca del Río" - Road Km. 37 to Puerto Esperanza
  • Selling point "Los Jazmines Bay Window" - Road Km. 23 to Viñales See location
  • Selling point "ViñalesPark" - Salvador Cisneros No. 76 See location

Specializing in Snuff, Rum and Coffee

  • . Los Jazmines Hotel - Km 23 Road to Viñales See location


  • Viñales Complex - Salvador Cisneros Street No.56, Ceferino Fernández corner See location
  • La Barca - Puerto Esperanza

For money exchange or other bank facilities, Bank and Cadeca are located on the Salvador Cisneros street. For travel agencies try the Viazul stop. See location