Things to see and visit in Viñales

Town Museum

museo municipal viñalesBuilt in the late nineteenth century, the museum boasts a variety of objects and items belonging to historical personalities from Pinar del Río, including the Viñales Valley's most famous painter, Domingo Ramos. The institution has an introductory room to the Town of Viñales, tributes to Natural History, Ethnology of the people and historical artefacts.

House of Culture

Late nineteenth century mansion, known since 1906 as "The Spanish Colony" in Viañales Central Square. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in Viñales established in 1982 as the Town House of Culture.

The Parish Church of Jesus Sacred Heart

iglesia de viñalesThis beautiful church is outstanding, located near the square and was built in 1883.

Charity Home - Botanical Gardens

The sisters Caridad (or Charité, who died in 2009) and Carmen were widely known for creating a Botanical Garden in their garden. Visitors to their home are welcomed and guided through the treasured fruit trees and neatly arranged orchids. Fruit tastings are available along the way.

Malangones Memorial

memorial los malagonesThis museum opened in 1999 and offers visitors the possibility to get closer to local history through various collections of guns, photographs and documents marking important local events.