Where to go out and have fun

During the night, Viñales town opens its doors and there are many bars, restaurants and nightclubs to help you get the most of your stay.

Montañez Cultural Center Terminal 

centro cultural polo montañez en viñalesIn the center of town. Good location to listen to live music and have a good time at a cost of 5.00 CUC for entrance.

Boca del Río Bar

Located on the Puerto Esperanza Road km 38. The bar provides music and drinks for those who prefer quiet evenings accompanied by live bands, cocktails and light meals.

The Maroons runaway slave settlement 

palenque los cimarrones viñales In Saint Vincent´s Valley close to José Miguel Cave. Fun and entertainment to the rhythm of Cuban and international music as the place runs nightly as live venue.

The Yard of Decimista 

On Street Salvador Cisneros No. 102. ideal for authentic Cuban rhythms and a fun place to enjoy other genres of Cuban music such as salsa. Open from 9:30 PM for a price of 1.00 CUC access for.